Postprivacy kills

Postprivacy kills individualism,

because there will rest nothing specific, you can claim for your own. All aims, claims and routes to get it will be divided for mass-spectral analysis.  Postprivacy is the new social communism, which gets deeper sights into your life and surroundings of your „individual“ life. It will take out your rest-privacy of all you ever did, do or will do. All your „doing“ – your streams will be seen ON LINE – the are on the line to catch for andybody, so even your mind, your awareness will be seen by anybody who will take part.

At least this awareness can help humans to become better social beings, to become a „zoon politikon“ like Aristoteles already claimed, because of new form of self-condition of manhood. And as Imanuel Kant already aimed: to act in that form, that all your acts could be treated under the vision of legacy by yourself – to divide your sense into a category of order (imperatives).

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