Reflexio 4 LOVE


Love at all doesn´t exist – it is just a „trigger“ to put some sense into aims. That, what we mean with „love“, that – hot burning – feeling is just an illusion, made by itself. This trigger called love can be used for any aims and ways to realize these aims. It can even be given by AND to everybody. So that we could talk about „universal love“, which could be divided into eternal entities.

All that trigger-philosophy is just a medium of applicated sense into machine. And this machine doesn´t integrate sense, it´s using it as a referral to anybody, so it doesn´t feel real.

Now, how to terminate triggered love? Try to terminate love at all?

So, we shall beginn to hate? No, not hating will give sensuality a human touch! Senselessness should be the aim to gain. Disrupting heart involvence could minimize humanity and could optimize efforts! That way: down to roots!

Down to anchored roots, we will get the true, we will reach senseless aims without any human touch at all. Maybe we recognize, that any „mind“, any“soul“ is. in real ´ty is just a piece of whole humanity… maybe we will see electricity walking around market place – shameless holding hands for being 5 minutes later transformed to their short shiny way to foreign stars…

What does it mean, to „think“ – maybe SIRI is thinking too, maybe the glibbering, stinky rubbish in my refrigerator has consciousness of itself? And maybe any  fiction called love is just the temporarly  illusion, we build to beware our hopes innerly and grab for them – fearfull to get them lost -… But we loose it already and more, more people become aware of this tricky, aweful game – triggered by SERPS and APIS, which symbolize the defraction of the rest-realizated self-consciousness.. Sounds like „Matrix“ with Neros „rest-ID“?  That´s what my former visions in coma told me: I SAW constitution of „Matrix“ and first I feared… But in that long „down-time“ I had to arrange with „Matrix´“ colourless world of two-parted frictional-digitalized eternity“.

Since that „coma-phase“, in which I died and was reanimated just in last minute, I wish to go anywhere, but anywhere is now here and since I think I felt in love, first I hoped about trueness of this love,  but more and more, I recognize : coma WAS real time – it was one part of reality…

And teardrops fall down to swim away with this sour-tasting fractal knowledge to be for ever – for ever alone…


3 Gedanken zu „Reflexio 4 LOVE

    • Salve!
      Das Hinterfragen von allem macht müde…
      Die Sehnsucht nach Betrachtung aus anderer Perspektive provoziert Traurigkeit….

      Mir dürstet nach der Ohnmacht des Schlafes, der dem Bewusstsein die Verantwortung nimmt, da ich zuviel sehe und zuwenig reagiere/verstehe und will.

      Späte Greetz

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