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Yesterday Alex told me, „savoir“ had to be connected to frankfutt for building economic an spheric input to grow up to hi-leveled dimensions of com…

But for integrate „savoir vivre“ first there should be no missunderstanding by this „savoir“, because it belongs to dimensions, which human could get rare.

So this way I´m trolling still beyond own stats – like hunting own shadow at white-papered wall.

But sometimes a further inspirations comes into cereb to celeb this lighty impression, but just to go down and generate certain feelings, that rush to eye – to sightsee pain full of pic of view from reality for leaving it at heart.

This way heart is addicted to that certain view rushing faster than arrow plane to sky.

Whenever „savoir“ will become truth, way of searching steps to moving heart will reclaimed all trough for true?

Will it get true, when I contribute the google dance in moon-shined floors opened to any structured livings in and above earth? Or could love break this wired law of continous contribution – at cc?

May love be the answer!

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