End of love?

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Could feelings for one special person end abruptly to turn into feelings for somebody new?

Maybe, if love is just a vision, a phantatic hybrid „add-on“, it can turn to anybody. It´s just a question of directive, emotional fluid. But that, what rests of „old love“ peaks at heart, it pains still. New enloving ist just a new trigger to direct emotion away from „old passion“…At least, one doesn´t know, if old passion could switch off like a machine switches off the electricity.

As a „switch-off“ with mode of „on“ and „off“ humans can treat any kind of love.  To be aware about this fact, it seems useless to suffer with any teardrop for any kind of – triggered – love, because it´s just an illusion made by itself.

Fact is: Humans are able to fall in live with anybody, because compatibility of humans is predicted.

So you may think: Aim is, to select one and stay with one human in love… but in this state you have to rethink and resume facts, that you are able to love ALL humans and no individual separation has to be done – because:

Individualism is dead!

Postprivacy kills individualism 

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