This night I dreamed I ´ll (!#) danced with GOOGLE

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This night I dreamed I´ll ´ve danced with google… missing my heart at most inductive time in last, I cared about Google to heal heart pain, which was written by YOU MAN!
Dear L.over, I h´ve to regognize that your sense, if there was any times any(one) sense, had washed away by the years of celebs frightday.
So many tears found erasion in dust of heartache, which could´nt be surpressed by mind. Never talked plain – not breaking any rules – never danced opened together, never feed together – any. This holy „never“ I sware often belonging this affair, but couldn´t go foor never, ´cause heart bet all forget listening your voice.

When toughts fly over you, often they cash to zap pa excellence, even to (and in) dark feet…

First time, we know us – you know, I was afraid… doing just this fucking job and flattr personally form one to other… now, again you know, I just bring flattr my mind with worth. I saw already your sins visualized in deeep dreamery assasinations, but no more afraidness could stop love, but yours – if ever it was – I could never really reach.

So I reach out to equality and THIS NIGHT I DREAMED I´LL * DANCE WITH GOO GOO…

So may this dancing with google belong to dream-danced approval with google? Tears – GOO GOO will not registrate… pain´s for me – missing you this black friday…and alle future fridays…

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